2 Ogólnopolska Konferencja Compilance


1st National Compliance Conference entitled ‘Compliance in Practice of Regulated Entities’

Compliance Association Poland (Stowarzyszenie Compliance Polska, SCP) has the pleasure to invite its members and unassociated individuals to partake in the 1st National Compliance Conference entitled ‘Compliance in Practice of Regulated Entities’ to be held on October 26th Hotel in Warsaw.

The date of the conference has been postponed from September to October due to a demanding schedule of the regulators (in September).


Compliance Association Poland

The main goal of the Association is to affiliate and represent specialists from Compliance Departments. Establishing such a group enables creation of a professional center for experience and expertise exchange and allows expressing a reasonable and authoritative voice on the matter of Compliance regulations inPoland.

Within the scope of our activity lies organization of conferences, workshops, and seminars devoted to Compliance matters, not only to maintain the central aim of CAP, i.e. to disseminate knowledge in the field of Compliance, but also to affiliate with other specialists from the industry.

Member benefits are as follows:

  • Free participation in conferences, workshops, and seminars with the attendance of best practitioners organized by CAP
  • Discussing controversial Compliance issues and communicating them to supervisory and legislative bodies on behalf of CAP
  • Access to all materials available in the Members Club
  • Access to current career opportunities and materials enabling further career development
  • Access to CAP forum where discussions on regulatory Compliance-related issues take place
  • Access to CAP members’ expertise and experience
  • Access to current Compliance regulations and technical innovations, participation in events covering it
  • Membership in a professional industrial organization.